ITES 2020: COVID-19 Manufacturing Exhibition Crisis Response


Since increasingly severe COVID-19 epidemic spread out in past 30 days, China economy has been dampened. Greater global connectivity and supply chain dependency on China and reliance on Chinese consumption currently, without a doubt, COVID-19 triggers a greater economic fragility.

Emergent Production Adjustment
As the fight against the novel coronavirus outbreak intensifies, Chinese local automobile manufacturers, smartphone assemblers and producers of baby care products purchased new production lines or transformed part of their existing, dust-free assembly plants immediately to produce crucial medical supplies. For instance, Foxconn Technology Group, OPPO, BYD, Haozhi Industrial and other top foreign funded enterprises in China expand their production line to meet the massive medical needs.

According to Xinhua News, Rate of work resumption is over 76% based on the date with 22 provinces domestically on the 10th, Feb. Additionally the agriculture and manufacturing enterprise resumption rate is up to 94.9%. In March, the resumption rate will be up to 100% gradually.

Power of ITES Platform
Even though, medical supplies crisis is still intense that ITES Exhibition, as the leading professional manufacturing platform, builds a strong bridge to tie medical equipment manufacturers and the demanders tightly at this critical moment.


Currently, the organizer of ITES contacts over 800+ enterprises and 2000+ industrialists for medical supplies and cooperates with Guangdong Medical Devices Management Academy, Association for Medical Devices Industry Guangdong and Shenzhen Association of Medical Devices and to accelerate the national medical capacity and enterprises business matchmaking.

On the other side, ITES exhibitors who obtained ISO13485 medical certificate, provide high-precision components, such as Honvision, Svgroup, are actively serving for medical equipment enterprises.

Additionally, some exhibitors in the fields of industrial robotics and smart factories develop industrial intelligent production lines to help address the shortage of medical devices and masks, such as Siasun. The Estun incorporates advanced motion and control solutions to provide mask-making equipment.

As so far, ITES Exhibition has gathered 200+ high precision components processing suppliers for services of urgent medical devices, mask-making equipment, infrared thermometer, virus detector and so on.

With the theme of “Focus on Complete Industry Factors, Build a Digital Future”, ITES 2020 is a platform closely linked to current situation and the future industrial development trend. To display a comprehensive the whole industry chain, ITES 2020 will join hands with world superior brands to help manufactures to optimize the processing and provide all-dimensional solutions.

ITES Postponed to May 2020
Due to the severe epidemic of COVID-19, ITES Exhibition now is postponed to the Mid/End of May, for the sake of all exhibitors and visitors safety and health.It is believed that the economy will be revived through the Chinese government and people’s great endeavor, especially after the entire work resumption. To revive, catch up, or re-value the market and manufacturing, ITES Exhibition in May could not be missed.

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About ITES

2020 is jointly run by Shenzhen Huanyue Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Xieguang Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd. It is a professional exhibition of large-scale in the field of manufacturing in South China. It has developed into an international professional exhibition authorized by UFI and BPA. In 2020, the show is expected to feature about 2,000 local and international exhibitors and attracts more than 150,000 visitors from 15 industries in fields of metal cutting machine tool, metal forming machine tool, tools & industrial consumable, industrial measurement & digital manufacturing technology, additive manufacturing technology, industrial supply, robotics& smart factory, industrial services.

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