SQD Skyrobot Inspector for external wall & glass water-tightness function

SQD Skyrobot Inspector for external wall & glass water-tightness function



Another solution for high-rise works. It is the safest operational alternative in the world. Leveraging on SQD’s gondola-free Sky Inspector for more precise, safer high-rise inspection works. The gondola-free feature travels across external walls to provide a variety of inspection tests, from detecting water leakage to surface and water pipe defects.

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SquareDog Robotics’s proprietary core technology of enhanced AI software and industry-leading hardware has led to pioneering robotics solutions for a variety of businesses.

Reinventing work with a pioneering sixth sense

Since the very beginning, robots were crafted as a means to assist with human efforts. But the future demands greater need for precision, safety and adaptive responses in different environments. This is why SquareDog Robotics sought to create smart robotic solutions to intuitively complement and enhance man-made work in a whole new way.

A Sixth Sense to Enhance Human Work

To SquareDog Robotics, machinery crafted with artificial intelligence is like a canine with its innate sixth sense. In essence, the company’s core technology, Robota6 th, was born in 2016 as a vital tool for all machines. Granting any equipment a true sixth sense, it has since enhanced SquareDog’s growing fleet of robots and resulted in further industry-wide innovations. This sixth sense has since been instrumental in facilitating works from the ground to the sky, taking man-made construction work finally to the next level.

Precision and Productivity

As one of the company’s pioneering patented technologies, Robota6th is one of SquareDog’s most trusted tools. One of its key applications is to assist the worker to execute and perform high quality works to a high degree of precision, with greater safety and ease — and therefore resulting in enhanced productivity.

Ease of Use A Master in Minutes 

Thanks to Robota6th, without needing prolonged training, any user can set up the system within a matter of minutes — a true breakthrough in the world of construction automation.


By applying intelligent operational controls for executing previously laborious tasks, Robota6th is a cost-effective, smarter and safer alternative. An alternative that we believe will soon become an industry-wide norm.

Safely Scaling the Skies

Traditional methods of skyscraper and high-rise maintenance required high-risk gondola rigging and cable control. SquareDog’s breakthrough High-Rise Auto Cable Technology is a first on the commercial market, allowing the user to scale the skies safely and navigate upwards and downwards with absolute precision and stability.

Sky’s the Limit

SquareDog’s patented hardware innovation also allows workers to stably travel up to 200 metres in height using a specialised cable robot and winch system. Working at height is now effortless and seemingly second nature.


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