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MODEL: HITACHI, KOMATSU, SUMITOMO, KOBELCO, VOLVO, DOOSAN, CATERPILLAR, HYUNDAI ISUZU: 4BD1T, 4BG1T, 6BD1T, 6RB1T, 6SD1T, 6BG1T, 6WG1T,6HK1T, 4HK1T, 4JJ1T HINO: H06CT, EP100T, J05E, J08E MITSUBISHI:: 6D22T, 6D31T, 6D15T, 4D31T, 6D14T,6D22T KOMATSU: S6D95, S6D108 CUMMIN: 6BT, 6CT, S6D102, S6D105, S6D107E, S6D114, S6D125 DOOSAN: D1146, D2366, DB58 VOLVO: D8K, D4D, D4E, D12D, D5E, D6E >>Whatsapp us 011-11623216 to confirm the model and size. FREE catalogue on our website:

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The term "mounting" can refer to various components in a vehicle, each with its potential problems. Here are some common issues associated with different types of mountings:

Engine Mounts: Engine mounts are designed to secure the engine to the vehicle's chassis and absorb engine vibrations. Problems with engine mounts can lead to several issues:

  • Excessive Engine Movement: Worn or damaged engine mounts can allow excessive engine movement, leading to vibrations, especially during acceleration or deceleration. This can result in increased noise, harshness, and a rough driving experience.
  • Misalignment: Failed engine mounts can cause the engine to become misaligned, affecting drivetrain components such as axles, driveshafts, and transmission mounts. Misalignment can lead to drivetrain vibrations, increased wear on components, and potential drivability issues.
  • Exhaust System Contact: If an engine mount fails, it can allow the engine to sag or shift, leading to contact between the exhaust system components and the vehicle's underbody. This can cause rattling noises, exhaust leaks, and potential damage to the exhaust system or surrounding components.

Transmission Mounts: Transmission mounts secure the transmission to the vehicle's chassis and help dampen transmission vibrations. Problems with transmission mounts can lead to:

  • Drivetrain Vibrations: Worn or damaged transmission mounts can allow excessive drivetrain movement, leading to vibrations felt throughout the vehicle. These vibrations can affect ride comfort, produce noise, and indicate drivetrain misalignment or component wear.
  • Shift Quality Issues: Failed transmission mounts can affect the alignment of the transmission, leading to shift quality issues such as delayed or rough gear changes. This can result in poor acceleration, reduced fuel efficiency, and transmission damage over time.
  • Drivetrain Misalignment: If transmission mounts fail, the transmission may become misaligned with other drivetrain components, such as the engine or driveshaft. Drivetrain misalignment can cause drivetrain vibrations, increased wear on components, and potential drivability issues.

Suspension Mounts: Suspension mounts secure various suspension components, such as control arms, struts, and sway bars, to the vehicle's chassis. Problems with suspension mounts can lead to:

  • Handling and Stability Issues: Worn or damaged suspension mounts can affect the alignment and stability of the vehicle's suspension system. This can result in poor handling, increased body roll, and reduced stability during cornering or braking.
  • Noise and Vibration: Failed suspension mounts can produce clunking, rattling, or banging noises when driving over bumps or uneven road surfaces. These noises can indicate loose or worn suspension components and may affect ride comfort and noise levels inside the vehicle.
  • Premature Tire Wear: Misaligned suspension mounts can lead to uneven tire wear patterns, affecting tire performance and longevity. This can result in increased tire noise, reduced traction, and the need for premature tire replacement.

In summary, problems with mountings in a vehicle can lead to excessive engine or drivetrain movement, drivetrain vibrations, shift quality issues, handling and stability problems, noise and vibration, premature tire wear, and potential damage to vehicle components. Regular inspection and maintenance of engine, transmission, and suspension mounts are essential to ensure proper vehicle operation, ride comfort, and safety. 


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