Bridging Loan Singapore

Bridging Loan Singapore



Having to take out a loan is almost inevitable for all people at certain stages of their lives, especially in Singapore, where property and car prices alone can often leave one in a lifetime of debt. Whether you are getting married and buying your first home, or purchasing a retirement property as you near the end of your career, not everybody is able to afford each of these exciting milestones in life based on his or her savings alone – and will thus require some form of external financial assistance to alleviate such budget pressures. In the common case where certain large ticket purchases and investments require upfront payment, it is nearly impossible to obtain fresh funding or refinancing to make the purchase according to your planned timeline and based on your current savings alone. For instance, when the opportunity arises to purchase an affordable property at a period when real estate rates are low, you would not wish to sell your existing home as it would be ideal to do so only when property prices rise again. Here is where CFI’s bridging loan comes in to help buy you time, so that you can make your purchase at the lowest, best possible price, and sell your existing home at higher rate in the future so as to gain the most out of the transaction. In short, a bridging loan works to provide a quick and convenient solution to your financing needs as you wait for other conditions or arrangements to be met. No matter if you are waiting for the right instance to make the most of your assets and investments, or if you are a business owner looking to cover your expenses in the interim until you obtain new funding, Capital Funds Investments aims to help you strike while the iron is hot by providing accessible funding to bridge the monetary gap. Our seasoned financial consultants are able to provide flexible, convenient bridging loan solutions at some of the lowest interest rates in Singapore, and at a shorter turnaround period than most conventional banking facilities.

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