KSB Itur Horizontal Centrifugal Pump IN Series

KSB Itur Horizontal Centrifugal Pump IN Series

The new standardized IN series are single-stage horizon- tal centrifugal pumps, with axial suction and radial dis- charge, buit to Standard DIN-24255, and evolved as a result of the latest hydraulic and technological innovations applied to the design and manufacture of the well-proven and well- known “Norma” Series of ITUR Pumps.
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IN Series Standardized centrifugal pumps DIN 24255 - EN 733 apply for:

  • Water supply systems
  • Air conditioning and heating systems
  • Services for industry
  • Fire Fighting
  • Irrigation
  • Drainage
  • Swimming pools
  • Hot water handling
  • Cooling water
  • Brine
  • Drinking water
  • Brackish water

Technical data

  • Sizes: DN 32 - 300
  • Maximum flow: 1600 m3/h
  • Maximum head: 100 m
  • Maximum pressure: 10 bar
  • Maximum temperature: -15 to +140ºC


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