Hitachi Industrial Inverters SJ Series P1



Hitachi is an industry leader in manufacturing of industrial inverters. Whether you’re looking for single phase inverters, a 3 phase industrial inverter, a bidirectional inverter for greater flexibility, Hitachi has a solution for customers.

Hitachi industrial inverters use the innovative and robust Japanese technology for which the company is known all over the world. Hitachi has always been on the cutting edge of technology. They are continuously improving their product lines, including their industrial inverters. These inverters come with advanced features that aim for greater flexibility, reliability, efficiency and better performance in general. The latest introduction to an impressive product line is the world’s most advanced variable frequency drive (VFD), the Hitachi SJ Series P1 industrial inverter.

Launch of the Hitachi SJ Series P1

In November 2017, Hitachi launched the SJ Series P1 VFD as a paramount example of an inverter where cutting edge technology and high performance meets ease of use. This 3 phase industrial inverter comes in two configurations, a 200V (0.4 to 55kW) and a 400V model (0.75 to 132kW). It has several features that make it easy to customize, easy to use, versatile with multiple modes of operation, and cutting edge software for monitoring.

A Review of the Hitachi SJ Series P1

Here is a look at the Hitachi SJ Series P1 and what sets it apart from its peers.

Easy Monitoring & Troubleshooting

The colour TFT operator makes the Hitachi SJ Series P1 easy to monitor. The display is well-designed with a spacious monitor screen that displays all the data and parameters you need to know. The Operations Panel is highly intuitive. Icons that are easy to understand tell you everything you need to know during use. There are 7 display languages to choose from.

You can set your main screen view depending on your needs. For example, the Quick View will display data like set speed, output current and input terminal in three lines. The Clear View will show you one set of parameters or data on a large monitor screen. The Error View will show you a trip history.

The menu is designed intuitively. Simply scroll down to find clearly label menu items with a highlighted cursor. You can save parameter data in the memory of the operation panel. Even if the inverter fails, you’ll be pleased to know that the model keeps your data safe.

Another useful design feature shows attention to detail. If you use the battery, and the power is cut off from the inverter, the inverter stores the real-time data. You can use the Operation panel as a copy unit. You can also connect the panel remotely with an option cable.

Since the SJ-P1 stores internal data automatically, it can be uploaded to a PC when troubleshooting for diagnosis. Another feature that makes troubleshooting painless is that the error messages are not presented in codes but through speech in the customer’s preferred language.

Easy Access to Functions

The body of the unit is designed so that the user or technician gets easy access to every function. You can choose between a screw-type terminal or an L-shaped bracket for panel mounting if needed. The cooling fins can be easily placed outside the terminal.

The inverter lets you copy data to multiple inverters, so the changeover time to new inverters when it’s time for replacement is as short as possible. The wire terminal is cleverly designed with a screwless terminal block, standard communication terminals and easy to access DIP switch for 2 analogue inputs and 2 analogue outputs.

Heavier Load Support for Demanding Applications

The ND (normal duty) rated sensorless vector control (SLV) can handle heavy loads that have a need for low speed and high starting torque. The model operates at a maximum frequency of 590Hz. This makes it particularly useful for applications that need high speed rotation, such as in processing of metals. In these applications, it is common to see many standard industrial inverters trip when accelerating and de-accelerating. The SJ-P1 mitigates that risk with its automatic built-in speed adjuster. It decreases undershoot and overshoot so there is stable and smooth operation with lower load shock than most inverters are subject to. The induction mode achieves frequencies of up to 400 Hz with a motor that can match it.

The inverter series is designed to be robust and sturdy for industrial use. When used in an environment of average temperatures of 40 degrees C and without corrosive gases, oil mist and flammable gas in the mix, the main circuit capacitor and the cooling fan are designed to last 10 years.


Hitachi’s inverters are particularly known for their flexibility. This inverter is also as flexible as its predecessors. It can control motors with permanent magnets as well as induction motors. Customers don’t need to purchase different types of inverters in scenarios where both types of motors are to be controlled. You can use the unit with other Hitachi induction motors or permanent magnet motors, as well as induction motors, SPM and IPM motors by other manufacturers.

The auto-tuning feature lets you optimize the performance of the motor. Many other such drives involve complicated tuning procedures, that are avoided in this model.

There are plenty of options to increase the functionality of the SJ-P1. Customers can use slide-in cassettes that are easy to access, and enhance performance and integration. The inverter comes with the space for three additional cassettes. The customer can choose safety specific options, encoder feedback or Ethernet based communications.

Easy Customization

The industrial inverter is easy to customize through the ProDriveNext PC configuration software. You can set parameters, monitor operations and diagnose issues. You can use a BASIC-like program to feed specific behaviours into the unit. You can use the EzSQ (Easy Sequence) programming software that Hitachi offers for inverters, to easily and quickly develop customized solutions for your application.

More Control over Applications

This cutting industrial inverter brings greater levels of control over a large number of applications such as cranes, pumps, fans, hydraulic pumps, milling machines, and more. The unit has a multi-rating for use with induction motors - VLD (very light duty), LD (light load) and ND (normal load). There are two PM motor control ratings - LD and ND. The possible applications therefore range from fan-pumps to metal tooling and conveyor belts, to cranes and mixers.

Compliance with High Standards

It is to be expected that Hitachi SJ-P1 will comply with high international standards. The SJ-P1 complies with UL, EC and cUL safety and quality standards. The noise filters that have been built into the units comply with environmental directives of the EMC.

Where to Buy Hitachi SJ-P1 in Singapore

Customers looking to buy the Hitachi SJ-P1 industrial inverter in Singapore can do so from First Wave Engineering Pte Ltd. master dealers and distributors of the P1 and other Hitachi drivers in the city. Singapore’s top industries use Hitachi industrial AC variable frequency drivers for a wide array of industrial inverter applications. With First Wave. you can get the best industrial inverter price and quality service.

If you’re looking for power inverters for harsh environments of manufacturing plants and other heavy load applications, the Hitachi SJ-P1 is an excellent choice. This industrial grade inverter is built with advanced features for high performance, flexibility and reliability. The Hitachi brand is an expert in developing AC variable frequency drives that provide accuracy and functionality. The units are easy-to-install, maintain, use and program. The units are priced economically, and the SJ-P1 is the newest and arguably the best industrial grade inverter in its class in the market at the moment.