Indonesia Marine & Offshore Expo (IMOX) 2022


Indonesia Marine & Offshore Expo (IMOX) 2022 is an international maritime and offshore event that brings an international congregation of companies together in Indonesia’s largest shipbuilding industry, Batam. This unique event seeks to bring together more than 3,000 industry professionals to tackle the pertinent concerns of the booming shipbuilding, maritime and offshore industries in Indonesia, from its technological front to the changing market trends.

About the organiser:

PT Fireworks Indonesia is part of the Fireworks Trade Media Group (FTMG), one of Asia's largest independently owned trade media companies. Since 2008, it has organized professional exhibitions and has 13 branch offices worldwide, including Asia, Australia, and the US. It has delivered an impressive business record across its 4 business pillars:

  • Fireworks Exhibitions and Conferences (Trade Exhibitions)
  • Fireworks Business Information (Trade Publications, Print and Online)
  • Fireworks Market Intel (Market Intelligence and Industry Maps)
  • QUIK Fairs (Industrial Roadshows & Niche Events) - JUZ Talk (Trade Forums)