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To enhance our support for Local Businesses beyond Singapore, Keepital is partnering Alibaba as a Global Service Partner. Our aim is to connect Businesses and Suppliers in Singapore to the rest of the world.

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Help suppliers reach millions of B2B buyers globally
"Global Buy, Global Sell" is the vision of They empower goods to travel globally, merchants to trade freely. Authorized Channel Partners share the goal of helping small businesses sell their goods around the world - and in their own backyards.

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Set up a new store, design your store, post your products, and learn how to maximize exposure.

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Diagnose business problems through analysis tools and customer data. Increase product and company exposure by operating with advertising tools.



WITH trade shows and business travel suspended amid the Covid-19 pandemic, digitalisation has become crucial for business-to-business (B2B) firms, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which can no longer rely on traditional methods of securing customers and conducting cross-border affairs.

Online platforms with local, regional and global reach are one way they can capture new opportunities in a changing business landscape, ensuring that they can continue operating and survive the downturn.

"The current crisis has accelerated the propensity for B2B buyers, from manufacturers to retailers, to look at diversifying their supplier base to support business continuity against disruptions to their supply chains," said Lee Yee Fung, director of ICM and digitalisation at Enterprise Singapore (ESG).

He noted that buyers will be looking to B2B e-commerce platforms for a larger pool of suppliers, and geographical location will matter less now since transactions can be carried out seamlessly online. SMEs should use these platforms for visibility and as a starting point to figure out their value proposition and fine-tune long-term expansion strategies.

"For SME sellers, e-commerce platforms enhance their visibility among international buyers, expands their customer base and enables them to scale without establishing a physical presence in any market," Mr Lee said. "With more companies going online, the ability to market products and services successfully online provides SMEs with that competitive edge beyond this crisis."

SMEs have a range of options for B2B platforms, and some overlap with business-to-consumer (B2C) trade, opening up another potential avenue for sales. Resources are available if SMEs want to explore other digital channels, like setting up their own mobile apps.

One better-known B2B platform is, which in June launched an initiative to bring more B2B SMEs in Singapore on board - its first such initiative in the Asia Pacific region outside Greater China.


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