Reopening Industrial Exhibition in China after COVID-19 Outbreak, ITES 2020 Debuts in the New Exhibition Center in September



Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the global exhibition industry has been closed for a long time. With the pandemic situation turns better, exhibitions are reopened in China. Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology Exhibition 2020 (ITES 2020), one of the manufacturing technology event in China, opened grandly in the new exhibition & convention center (Shenzhen World) on Sept. 1st. ITES 2020 is committed to bringing innovative and cutting-edge products and technologies to the industry, and providing an efficient communication platform for the upstream and downstream industries of manufacturing.

1,175 Premium Manufacturers Gather in ITES 2020

With the theme of “New Focus, New Value, New Future -- 5G Driven, Medical Empowerment", the exhibits of ITES 2020 cover metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, robotics, industrial measuring equipment, automation, cutting tools, die and mold, metal materials, precision machinery parts, fastener, 3D printing, etc. It also attracts about 1,175 enterprises (the quantity in 2019 was 1,186) from over 18 countries and regions who present the latest products, innovative solutions, and professional technical services on-site. For instance, Mazak, Doosan, Bystronic, Han’s Laser, HSG Laser, etc., are displaying their latest products on-site.

3 Featured Visiting Routes for Business Delegations

To provide a better visitor experience, divided by industry, ITES 2020 has set 3 featured visiting routes for business delegations, which include advanced forming technology, precision cutting technology, and smart factory intelligent upgrade. Visitors can choose different routes according to their purpose of visit. For visitors who are interested in forming equipment such as laser cutting equipment, punching and shearing equipment, etc., the advanced forming technology route must be a good choice. But for the visitors aiming to find reliable solutions to precision processing, the precision cutting technology route cannot be missed. In this route, exhibitors like Mazak, Makino, and Beijing Jingdiao are displaying a series of high quality, and reliable solutions for precision processing. As for the factory intelligent upgrade route, visitors can see solutions for robotic & automation, machine vision, intelligent logistics, packaging, motion control, etc.

20+ High-end Conferences, Explore the New Manufacturing Future with Professionals

After the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, challenges and opportunities are coexist in China's manufacturing industry. Medical device industry as a section that gets rapid development during this period is also facing many challenges. Based on such a background, ITES 2020 held a series theme conference of China Medical Device Industry Development to discuss the challenges that the medical device industry will be facing. As a communication platform in the manufacturing section of South China, besides medical device conferences, there are also many other conferences related to hot topics of new infrastructure, 5G industry, industrial robotics, additive manufacturing technology, etc. In total, more than 20 high-end conferences will be held at the site of ITES 2020. These series of brainstorming activities will lead the manufacturing industry to a new and promising future!

About ITES

Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology Exhibition (ITES) is jointly run by Shenzhen Huanyue Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Xieguang Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd. It is a professional exhibition of large-scale in the field of manufacturing in South China. It has developed into an international professional exhibition authorized by UFI and BPA. In 2021, ITES will be held on Mar. 30th - Apr. 2nd, and will cover 8 themed exhibitions including metal cutting machine tool, metal forming machine tool, cutting tools & industrial consumables, industrial measurement & digital manufacturing, robotics & smart factory, industrial supply, additive manufacturing, and industrial service.

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