Website Analytics Integration  Service

Website Analytics Integration Service

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We help you to integrate your website to Google analytics.

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Website analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimising your website usage. You can use website analytics to know more about users behaviour & their interaction, your website performance, track & calculate internet marketing expenses, lead or sales conversions and identify which marketing channel that gives you the highest return of investment.

A SEO report includes search engine friendliness review, keyword research, content development ideas and link building suggestions. The report produced will detail problems, and the solutions, meant to aid your website development team in implementing any changes required. Advice and recommendations will also be provided for the team involved in marketing and management of the website.

Basic Tracking Codes
The Google Analytics basic tracking code will be customised based on your requirements. This enables over 80% of the reports available in GA to begin populating data.

Profiles & Filters
We'll set up the necessary profiles and filters for your web properties and make sure internal visits aren't trac

Track Multiple Domains
We can help track your visitors as they navigate between your web properties on different domains.

Track Form Flow
Get users to complete your lead generation form by understanding where they are dropping off.

Track Downloads
Find out what and how many people are downloading your files, be it white-papers, brochures or videos.

Google Integration
Google Analytics can be integrated with Google's suite of services like Google Webmaster Tools and Google AdWords to give you easy access to all your important data in 1 easy to access location.

Track Conversions
We'll talk through and decide on the goals to set up for your web properties. Then, we set it up in Google Analytics to measure and take action to improve these targets.

Outbound Links
Find out where visitors who leave your site go to.

Track Site Search
Get internal search data and make actionable insights based on what visitors are looking for on your site, and whether they are able to find that information.


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