SMS DFCS3015-3000W Single-Table Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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Product Description

Part of Functions and Features

1. Structure

a) Frame

The structure of honeycomb cage is welded with carbon structural steel. The frame is processed roughly after high temperature processing,then processing elaborately after second machining,and finally finished.It is very good to overcome the deformation of machine tools caused by welding and processing stress, thus greatly improving the stability of machine tools.

The functional auxiliary ramp and other mechanisms are integrated in the process of design. The integrated design makes the machine play a good mechanical decomposition in the process of motion.It won’t cause equipment deformation and other problems due to local force.

b) Crossbeam

Adopts aviation aluminum integration design, the complex beam agencies and the industry is difficult to solve the super vision of a manufacturing process is optimized and the breakthrough, perfect the implementation of the complex structure integration structure, to realize the integrated connection structure beam and install a perfect from the late screw connection problems of various maintenance and rigid, after a one-piece forming, rough machining, through secondary processing after finishing, to ensure the beam integral rigidity and machining accuracy requirements, guaranteed not to cause late in the process of using normal high speed machine tool movement lead to problems such as deformation of the beam.

c) Intelligent gas path mechanism

This system is mainly divided into two parts. One is assistant gas used for auxiliary processing , which contains nitrogen, oxygen, air ; The other is auxiliary working gas used for table locking mechanism, dust removing mechanism, cutting head cooling and so on. It is mainly dry oil-free compressed air.

Nitrogen, oxygen and air those three cutting assistant gas can be chosen freely via system. It does not need manual intervention.It is convenient and fast, at the same time, precise control is effective to avoid unnecessary failures caused by personnel mistakes.

2. Control System

The cutting control system is developed based on Windows.It adopts high performance motion control card,which can be connected with CNC control system.Therefore, it is more convenient and quick for real-time control of machine and laser and software upgrade .

Main features of the system:

l The system runs stably and its anti-interference ability is better.

l The curve cutting effect is good and cutting speed is fast.

l The moving speed is fast.The start and stop is steady

l It is capable of processing large data.

l Output control:supporting the unified graphics output mode, supporting any position to start cutting, combining two output modes of NC and graphics, can modify the parameters after stopping

Main advantages of the system:

Ø Powerful functions:automatic searching edge,leapfrog,flying cutting

Ø Real-time control of laser power:can control perforation power ,cutting power and power turning power.It can gradually perforate and avoid the bursting, scorching and hanging slag.The perforation effect is better.

Ø The height hierarchical control of cutting head can control perforation height and cutting degree,which ensures cutting effect.

Ø The cutting head is stable and the follow-up can be tracked to 0.2mm.

Ø Gas simulation control can realize the change between perforation pressure and cutting pressure ,and the cutting of different cutting gases,which avoids the deformation of parts when high speed cutting, and blasting hole when cutting small circle and carbon steel.

Ø It is equipped with wireless operation handle.

Special nesting software can be added

Adopting professional automatic program nesting software for laser cutting. It has automatic programming, nesting, layout, word processing, parameter setting and other functions and it greatly improves the usage rate of material. The nesting software has following functions and features:

l It is capable of lead-in, micro welding, cutting order, cutting route and cutting speed .

l Layout in gaps between parts,embedded layout, symmetrical turnover layout, spinning layout and avoiding exterior overlap and collision.

l Sharp corners processing: It can identify and set inner and outer corners automatically.

l Powerful word processing function: It can transform solid characters into hollow characters.

l Edge-sharing cutting function optimizes the cutting efficiency and increases the usage rate of metal plates.

l Metal plates module and quantity management.

l The cutting, management, reuse of excess materials and other functions.

3.Water Cooling System

It adopts independent patented refrigerator and we cooperates with domestic first-line famous brands in depth.It has good stability and supports dual-channel temperature independent control. It can cool the laser and cutting head with different cooling temperatures, which avoid condensation causing damage and make the equipment run stably.

Application Materials

Cutting material : High carbon steel, low carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, copper, aluminum coated zinc plate, galvanized plate, pickling plate, titanium alloy and other metal materials.

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