How to improve your keywords ranking in with SEO 2020


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Sitemap file?

The most important thing is to maximize accessibility within your website to ensure search engines can find all your content.
You can in fact help Google out by providing a sitemap file (named sitemap.xml) that lists all your content. You may also visit Google’s Webmasters to provide Google with this information.

What are Permalinks?

It's very important to also have permalinks like '' for pages, rather than addresses that end with things like '?page=42132'. Every details of data you give to the crawler will boost your chances in search results.

What is the Robots Exclusion Protocol?

Do ensure you're not preventing Googlebot (Google's web-crawling tool) indexing your site with use of a robots.txt file from The Robots Exclusion Protocol, which is used to give instructions to search engine bots. For more information on this check out here.

Why need a Clear Internal Linking Structure?

You will need to have a clear internal linking architecture. Promote important content to the homepage and link to key site sections via dedicated navigation. Group content into clear site sections reflected in your site navigation to aid both users and search engines.

Time to call an SEO expert?

These are tips and while SEO may seem pretty simple, it is now far more complex that it has ever been if you focus on only one search engine. As a business owner, it does make sense to focus on your core business and enlist an expert.

Just be careful who you take onboard though. Genuine SEO experts will have use cases and examples to showcase their achievements. They will offer you a comprehensive, logical and results-based plan that takes into consideration all the aspects of a website.

Just beware of so-called Black Hat SEO; which they may claim to make you reach Google's first page in a month or two or some even guarantee you TOP positions. Never be tempted to pay for dodgy tricks and just ask them instead why they don't do it for themselves.

In almost all cases, they don't work, or it will only send worthless traffic rather than actual readers, and could well come back to bite you later on when Google catches up (as it always does). REMEMBER: exercise and a good diet are the only way to lose weight ; good content is the only true way to achieve a good Google rank.