About Us

HARSLE is a professional enterprise which manufactures various kinds of NC and CNC press brakes, shearing machines, hydraulic presses, power presses, ironworkers and other metal-working machines. We follow innovations and grow together with our customer and we follow the developments in the industry and technology and support the development of creativity skills based on the principles of continuous learning, innovation and improvement. HARSLE cares about the active and competent participation of employees in management and decision processes, ensuring clarity in decisions and transparency in practice with this approach. That is the reason why our product quality moves to a higher level constantly.

HARSLE has the philosophy of production with the best quality and latest technology. It crowns this with the ISO 9001 quality management system and following European safety standards. HARSLE is a leading Chinese brand in sheet metal working machinery industry. As a total supplier for sheet metal manufacturing with almost 15 years of experience, HARSLE understands and recognizes the challenges, requirements and expectations of the industry. We strive to satisfy the higher demands of our customers by continuously improving our products and processes while researching and implementing the latest technologies. From the innovations developed at our Research & Development Center to the technical support given by our worldwide distributors, we all have one common mission: to be your preferred partner.

HARSLE machines are working all around the world.

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