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Sumip Composites Pvt Ltd. is known for the quality performance of its fiberglass products be it Cable Trays, Street Light Pole, Enclosures, Ladders, and Trefoil Clamps etc. It is company promoted by a group manufacturing industrial electrical and instrumentation products for last three decades, specially designed for the use in critical environment. Fiberglass products were specifically developed due to demand from the valued wide client base.

We are Manufacturers of Industrial Electrical & Fiberglass (FRP/GRP) products. Our entire range of products and systems are the results of continues innovation and R & D. We are following Indian Standard as well as international standards like NEMA, ANSI, ASTM etc. in the manufacturing of various types of GRP products. Sumip has developed quality system to assure our customer for the reliability and consistency of our products and our services. All aspects of our operations from design and development to production and product delivery are dedicated to ensure superior performance which is reliable. Please also note that we have in house laboratory and testing facilities to check input raw material, semi-finished and finished products. Today Sumio's team has vision and mission both on agenda to reach new heights.

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