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SICMA Srl was established following a long experience gained in the lifting and handling of loads.

The particular passion in trying to find the best solution suitable for handling complex parts has triggered the challenge of wanting to enter a market increasingly looking for ergonomic systems to safeguard human health.

The company headquarters is located in a strategic point both as regards the motorway network which makes it accessible from the busy A4, and from Malpensa with airplanes at 15 min.

The manipulators are produced within our headquarters starting from the 3D design to the final testing in a reserved area with production simulations.

Within the headquarters, orders are managed by analyzing all production processes and managing execution times in order to have an instant situation of the work progress.

Each component is produced, machined, welded and coupled inside the seat using specially coded jigs and checked periodically.

To ensure continuity and production quality, we carry out sample production checks to verify correct tolerances.

Each type of manipulator is subjected to structural checks with dynamic tests for at least 2 hours.

The company, organized by departments, has a staff of 10 people specialized in various tasks including TURNING - MILLING - CARPENTRY - PAINTING - PNEUMATIC WIRING .


Everything is coordinated like an orchestra in order to achieve the perfect symphony.

Inside the production site we have set up special equipment dedicated to testing the components that will be installed on the manipulators to ensure reliability and durability over time.

All components are coded and the production lot is reported in order to have a trace of its production.

To date we work with 8 countries in MIDDLE EAST ASIA Europe, counting 54 Manipulators sold per year that are serving production lines daily without problems.

We have invested in learning courses, headquarters, machinery but above all on staff, entrusting promising young people to the expert hands of our seniors rich in culture and experience.

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