About Us

Supervision Optimax Sdn Bhd (Supervision), a subsidiary of Supermax Group is a contact lens manufacturing company that produces high-quality soft contact lenses. From semi-finished (dry lenses) to finished products, we offer OEM and OBM contact lens manufacturing to tailor to your business needs.

Using leading-edge technology with research and development from the United Kingdom, we develop and produce high-quality, all-day-comfortable lenses in a broad range of single-use, biweekly, and monthly modalities, featuring the advanced Methacryloyloxyethyl Phosphorylcholine (MPC) materials at competitive prices. All of our aspheric design lenses come with a built-in class II UV blocker that blocks 97% of UVB and 87% of UVA radiation.

All of our contact lenses are manufactured in-house at our own fully automated world-class clean-room production facility. Each and every single piece of our lens undergoes a series of stringent quality control procedures, including inspection under high-definition cameras to ensure that only the best possible lenses are shipped out to our customers.

Our lenses are approved by the FDA (US), PMDA (Japan), HSA (Singapore), Anvisa (Brazil), CMDCAS (Canada), KPMG (Korea), MDA (Malaysia), etc.

We are happy to organize our Contact Lens Samples to your doorsteps for evaluation. Feel free to contact us via email at or WhatsApp at +6012 282 2778, and indicate the powers you would like to evaluate. 

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