About Us

In 1975, Carlito Ang brought forth a young a metal components trading company that would later grow into one of the fiercest integrated service providers in the industry - Tiger Machinery and Industrial Corporation.

From his own home, Mr. Ang honed TIGER’s claws to manufacture metal replacement parts for the Philippine heavy industry sector.

The fast-growing TIGER soon expanded its territory a few years later and moved to a new 10,000sqm factory and office that houses its products and personnel.

It further expanded its facilities to an additional 8,000sqm to improve response time to the customer’s growing needs.

TIGER now has five sharp integrated departments (Machine Shop, Fabrication Shop, Foundry, Thermal Spray and Trading) that set itself above the competition.

Through its aggressive and fearless performance Tiger Machinery and Industrial Corporation dominated the industry ranking within the top 3000 Philippine companies in 1994.

TIGER’s annual sale grew exponentially reaching an estimated US$ 10 million.

Poised for further advancement, TIGER currently exports its top quality casting and fabrication products to countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Australia and other neighboring Asean countries.

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