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Affluence Infinity is an automation solution provider for residential and commercial markets. Our philosophy of automation ideas is the key foundation of our business. This is where we are different. 

It begins with Automation 1.0 The Bus System Era. In this period, the home relies on many buttons and switches and complicated programming. Essential functions, such as lighting, rely on manual control.

Automation 2.0. Technology Overload, this is the present era and many of our competitors are offering similar solutions, this period is known for apps and voice commands. At this point, technology competes with lifestyle. Operation of the home could be more efficient.

Automation 3.0. True automation, now your home or building knows what to do by itself. The goal is to take care of many tasks to save time, give you comfort to enjoy your lifestyle and look after you and your loved ones. This is how we differentiate our business from our competitors. 

Date Incorporated15 Apr 2022
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