About Us

Takeiki Pte Ltd is a dynamic and fast growing company.

We distribute Industrial Automation Products; provide Engineering & Procurement solutions to factories in Electronics, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Food and other industries that require automated manufacturing.

We specialize in supporting the Maintenance, repair and Operating supplies (MRO) to any company who requires MRO. We help customers to reduces the amount of time facing suppliers. Takeiki has established the partnership and also secured a competitive pricing for a wide range of products.

Our Mission

To be the customers' Preferred Supplier of WORLD-CLASS Industrial Automation Products & Engineering Services to factories.

Dedicated to exceed our customers' expectation through our understanding of their business needs and operation.

Offers cost reduction programs via vigorous world wide sourcing and intelligent part locating system.

Strive to surpass our customers' expectations through quality services, on time delivery & reliability.

Pledge to deliver the best quality product at the most cost effective prices.

We are the official Hioki Singapore distributor, Montrac Singapore distributor, Micropump Singapore distributor, Micropump Malaysia distributor, Finisar Singapore distributor, Contrinex Singapore distributor, APT switches distributor and Sterlitech Singapore distributor.

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