About Us

TKN MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD is a manufacturer and distributor of precast concrete accessories. We distribute both of locally and export internationally. We focus on product quality, long service life, cost reduction, labor cost. Reduce time, reduce work steps. Our products are manufactured by specialized engineer, we are a professional of precast concrete magnet Department. Our product : concrete magnetic formwork, side formwork magnet, formwork magnet, magnetic formwork system, precast concrete magnet, shuttering magnet, magnetic shuttering, shuttering magnet adapter, magnetic chamfer, steel chamfer, magnetic system, shuttering magnet systems, shuttering magnet automatic systems, precast concrete product, prefabricated concrete element magnet, magnet concrete element, integrated magnet, magnetic holder system, shuttering magnet steel formwork Lifting anchor, lock lifting magnet, grooves, magnet grooves, forming grooves, concrete elements, light weight shuttering magnet, compact magnet holder, magnetic profile, plastic bar chair, spacer, spacer magnet rubber box plate magnet, rubber recess former magnet, half slap shuttering magnet.

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