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Founded in 1977, Yongfeng Machinery Co., Ltd. is engaged in large, medium and small vehicles, agricultural machinery, heavy machinery, ships and other engine cylinders, crankshaft grinding, cylinder head regeneration and renovation, parts transformation... etc., professional services for engine processing and purchase and sale of engine parts. Over the years into a manufacturing industry, in addition to providing the original engine processing services and parts sales, but also add CNBC lathes, M/C CNC integrated processing machines, internal and external cylindrical shaft precision grinding machines and other modern precision machinery and equipment, processing software, testing instruments... etc., develop engine cylinder machine and engine cylinder grinder A600, B600II., YFM315, 325, 335, valve grinder, YFM38 valve seat angle machine, valve seat grinding tool, valve seat dressing machine peripheral equipment, tools and accessories, cylinder grinding cylinder grinder and tools, crankshaft grinding machine, grinding gauge ( Grinding Gauge) ... and other engine reconstruction processing equipment, and OEM production of various auto parts, precision mechanical parts... Wait.

In addition, in the past few years, it has been more agent for Europe and the United States to import well-known brands advanced equipment, new and second-hand processing machinery, tools. Changed the traditional design of Liang, Europe, America and Japan, and developed a six-wheel concentric valve grinder (two invention patents and four new patents in Taiwan, the United States and China) and an engine cylinder grinder (two patents). Production and supply of domestic and foreign customer demand and the whole plant engine renovation machinery and equipment sales in the world, by the domestic and foreign customers love and praise. In the field of engine processing and renovation, we have accumulated more than 40 years of professional technology and experience, and constantly pursue innovation and breakthroughs in line with the concept of "step by step, sustainable management".

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