Heit and United Machinery & Trading Forge Partnership to Tokenize Excavator Fleet, Unleashing New Investment Opportunities.


Heit, a Singapore company that specializes in real asset tokenization, announced a groundbreaking partnership with United Machinery & Trading, a prominent excavator rental company, to tokenize a fleet of 100 brand-new medium-sized excavators. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in democratizing access to real asset investments and opening new avenues for growth for established operators like United Machinery & Trading.

Transforming Real Assets into Readily Accessible Investments:

This partnership demonstrates the real-world demand for real asset tokenization, stated Patrick Tan Yu Liang, Co-founder of Heit. "By collaborating with a well-respected asset operator like United Machinery & Trading, we're bridging the gap between investors seeking alternative assets and established businesses offering tangible value. This is a testament to the power of tokenization in unlocking liquidity and facilitating fractional ownership opportunities for a wider range of investors.


Construction Boom Meets Innovative Investment Solutions:

The upcoming construction demand in 2024 -2028 generates a constant demand for heavy equipment. Heit sees this as a strategic opportunity to align investor interest with asset needs. Elaborated Patrick Tan Yu Liang. "Through tokenization, we're empowering United Machinery & Trading to tap into new investment support and enhance operational efficiency, ultimately contributing to their continued success.”

United Machinery & Trading: Leading the Charge in Excavation Innovation:

Liu YuCheng, Director of United Machinery & Trading, expressed unwavering enthusiasm for the partnership. "Tokenization presents a transformative opportunity for our company," he stated. "Joining forces with Heit allows us to unlock the latent value of our equipment, attract new investors, and expand our capabilities and fleet as the leading excavator rental company in Singapore. This collaboration embodies our forward-thinking vision and commitment to leveraging new solutions for sustained growth."

A Symbiotic Partnership Fueled by Innovation:

Heit and United's partnership represents a win-win for both parties. Investors gain access to a previously illiquid asset class, while United expands its operations. This collaboration opens doors for a future where real asset ownership becomes more accessible and transparent, paving the way for a more inclusive and dynamic investment landscape.

About Heit Investments Group:

Heit is a pioneering force in real asset tokenization, empowering investors to access diverse and previously illiquid assets through digital solutions. By leveraging blockchain technology and strategic partnerships, Heit unlocks new investment opportunities, forging a bridge between traditional finance and the future of asset ownership.

About United Machinery & Trading:

United Machinery & Trading is a leading provider of excavator rental services, renowned for its commitment to quality, reliability, and operational excellence. With a deep understanding of the construction industry and a dedication to fostering long-term partnerships, United Machinery & Trading has established itself as a trusted excavator rental provider in Singapore.